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  • We Specialize In:

  • Building Enclosures

  • Chemical Feed Stations

    Control Valve Stations

    Master Meter Stations

    Pressure Reducing Stations

    Metering and Control Systems

  • Process Equipment Stations

    Raw Water Stations

    Re-Use Water Stations

    SCADA Systems

    Side Entry Buried Pump Systems

    Skid Mounted Pump Stations

    Stand-By Power Stations

    Tilt Back Fiberglass Stations

    Water Booster Pump Stations

  • Well Head Stations

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EFI Stations are... pre-fabricated to any size, supplied complete with all the necessary equipment to allow ease and speed of installation. While we are building your equipment in our Centralia, Illinois factory, your site work can be concurrently constructed, keeping down your time to completion and your costs.Your project will be manufactured by American Union Labor here in the "Heartland of America" and every EFI project is All American Assembly Approved. All systems are completely tested before leaving the factory and delivered on EFI tractor-trailors.


WBPS being delivered
Buried Control Valve Station
Skid Mounted Pump Station


How we do it... Our systems are engineered to solve process problems while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability. Our clients tell us what they want the system to accomplish, along with the basic parameters, and then our team of qualified engineers and technicians do the rest. We do not cut corners and we will meet your exact specification by custom designing a complete system for YOU. Ask us about our performance specs and extended warranties that are available for every project.


Our Staff.... With over 160 employees, we are experienced and staffed to provide full services in-house to include: applications, estimating, sales coordinating, project management, engineering, design O&M submitalls, purchasing, production, delivery, start-up, and service. With over 44 years experience, we can customize to fit any space or outside terrain conditions. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we want to establish a relationship so that you will think of us for your next project.


We are always available to answer your questions so give us a call at 618-533-1351.




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