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Engineered Fluid, Inc. (EFI) has shown the ability to house larger, taller and wider equipment assemblies in their custom-built buildings. These buildings are brought to the site as individual modules and assembled to form a single, integrated equipment enclosure. Where tall equipment must be housed, add-on roof sections can be provided to raise the building height above what can be shipped as one piece. One example of multiple modules assembled into one building is a raw water pump station newly constructed in Missouri. This station is made up of two side-by-side modules with two roof extension caps over the pump rooms with the electrical rooms at standard height.

Because of water supply commitments, this project had a short time to completion and a hard completion date. The initial pump station design criteria were given to EFI in June of 2006. The required completion date to be in full operation was May 15, 2007. The factory-built pumping station modules were delivered onto the site during February of 2007, ahead of schedule.

The Raw Water Pump Station was designed as two equal halves with three (3) vertical turbine pumps and a separate motor control/electrical room in each building half. The station has 2200 connected horsepower and a 4160 volt electrical power service for the MCC, pump motor starters and drives. The building modules were brought to the site separately and assembled together atop the basin structure. The structure over the electrical room was standard height. The height of the pumps required roof caps to be built, shipped to the site and lifted onto the placed buildings. This Raw Water Pump Station is one example on a long list of multiple building assemblies designed and built by EFI for Raw Water, Re-use Water and Finished Water pumping and control. EFI’s 45 years of experience in designing and building water distribution equipment stand it at the forefront of serving water system design consultants, contractors and water purveyors throughout the United States.


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