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The History of EFI

Jack Goodspeed


EFI was founded in 1964 in Centralia, Illinois by its Chairman of the Board, Jack Goodspeed.  However, we did not start in-house production of our own equipment until 1967.  At that time, the company was known as Engineered Fluid Process, Inc., and even though our factory was little more than a very large garage, we had three main product lines: small packaged water treatment plants, sewage lift stations, and municipal water distribution equipment. As markets changed and opportunities developed, the decision was made, first in the early seventies, to stop production and sales of the packaged treatment plants, and then in the mid-seventies, to get out of the sewage business altogether. Since 1975, Engineered Fluid, Inc. has focused exclusively on municipal water distribution equipment. There is no other company of which we are aware that shares our focus and dedication to servicing the needs of the municipal water distribution market.


Since the mid-seventies, EFI has slowly expanded its product offerings. In the decade following our departure from the sewage business, we offered only below-ground water distribution equipment such as water booster pump stations, control valve vaults, master meter stations, and simple telemetry and control systems. In 1985, after a naming competition among our employees, EFI introduced its trademarked "Water-Shed®" line of above ground booster pump stations. The introduction of the "Water-Shed®" allowed us to offer a much more comprehensive product.  Units now include multiple rooms for various uses like standby power generators as well as in-line chemical treatment, controls or switchgear, and even offices and storage space.


In 1994, EFI built what was by then our third station whose scope required field assembly. However, it was the size of this station that took EFI to an entirely new level.  The station was the 41 MGD “P-1 Pump Station” for the City of Henderson, Nevada.  Since that time, we have been regularly involved with a large number of diverse projects requiring field assembly, construction supervision, and design-manufacture or “Design-Build” projects.  This capability has allowed us to greatly expand the range of applications for our products and further distinguishes EFI among a growing number of competitors. 


Today Engineered Fluid, Inc. is an employee-owned company with facilities of over 143,000 square feet under roof on nearly 23 acres of property, employing over 164 people. We offer the broadest variety of municipal water distribution products, with the highest quality, quickest delivery, and best value available anywhere. Marketing our products throughout the continental United States, EFI delivers its pump stations products on its own trucks, and starts-up and services its products by trained service technicians who are EFI employees.


There is no other company that has a comparable wealth of experience or offers a similar level of dedication and commitment to the quality of product design, station manufacture, and the level of product service and support that is required by the needs of today's municipal water distribution systems. We have a full line of above ground "Water-Sheds®", below ground stations, and custom designed and field assembled pump stations that can meet virtually any municipal water distribution need along with a complete assortment of control valve and master meter stations, telemetry and SCADA systems, in-line water treatment systems and chemical rooms or buildings, all available with integral standby power generation, as well as Design Build services.  Whatever the "Water Distribution" need, EFI stands ready to provide the solution for any application.


- Bill Goodspeed, President & CEO




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