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Floating Pump Station - Albany, Kentucky


Recently much has been written and spoken in the news about surface water reservoirs in the Southeast and West being at dangerously low levels. In a number of cases, water levels have dropped to below the raw water intake cribs, rendering the cribs unusable. In these circumstances, the municipalities and water purveyors have had to severely limit or stop using their raw water intake pumps. Recently, in just such a case, Engineered Fluid, Inc., became involved in a project for floating a set of vertical turbine pumps onto Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. The objective was to regain reliable access to the remaining water in the reservoir.

The pumps were set onto a barge and the pump controls were in an EFI pre-fabricated, factory-built electrical apparatus building. This building was built at the EFI plant in Centralia, Illinois and shipped to the jobsite complete, to be placed on a concrete foundation on the bank of the reservoir.

















EFI designed, manufactured and delivered a controls building, complete with a 1200 amp main disconnect, automatic transfer switch, distribution panel, four (4) 250 HP VFD’s with Mirus Harmonic Mitigation, an Allen-Bradley 5/05 Series PLC for pump control and sequencing, a complete building HVAC System with 4 tons of cooling. The building was complete, requiring only setting, anchoring and the electrical and instrumentation connections at the site.

Order Date: 6-4-07, Ship Date: 9-24-07, Start-up Date: 11-30-07. To read more details on this project click here.




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